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Malabar Aviation Academy – MAA has been established, to bridge the gap between education and employment. With the experience of more than 4 years in professional education of our management team, we could identify the real need to develop the missing critical employability factor in the students during their years of college education or other education programs. With the understanding that the traditional programs available for student are unknowingly forcing them to years of unproductive study leaving them in the category of unemployed, MAA has been formulated to combat the shortcomings.
We aim to reverse the situation by making a student to select the employment of his choice and then training him accurately to begin his career by utilizing every single minute of his college education. It is our vision to empower the student with the skills and knowledge required by the industry by means of introducing improved programs thus increasing the focus of students on the employability factor.
We will make it achievable through advanced infrastructure, experienced faculty, top-notch & innovative training with undivided attention to every student. Our courses will provide the required learning for personal and professional development of the student. The Courses are designed to provide not just a Certificate but to amplify the professional growth of the learner, making him equipped for a job of his choice.

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